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How to Measure Your Impact as a Leader

"To measure your impact as a leader, you need to look beyond just the numbers. Qualitative data, such as feedback from employees and colleagues, can provide valuable insights into your leadership style and effectiveness." - Dr. Karen Hills Pruden.

In episode 4 of The Spring Forward Podcast, Dr. Karen Hills Pruden shares her insights into effective leadership strategies, focusing specifically on how to measure your impact as a leader. She emphasizes the importance of both qualitative and quantitative data in assessing one's effectiveness as a leader.

Here are three tips on how to measure your impact as a leader:

  1. Use both qualitative and quantitative data. Looking beyond the numbers and incorporating qualitative data into your analysis can truly help determine your impact as a leader.

  2. Set clear goals and benchmarks. Dr. Karen's acronym of PIMP helps to achieve those goals: P - plan and prepare; I - implement; M - measure; P - post debrief.

  3. Continuously seek feedback. This can help you identify areas for improvement and adjust your leadership style.

To learn more about how to measure your impact as a leader, check out episode 4: Mastering Management, Effective Leadership Strategies with Dr. Karen Hills Pruden.

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