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Human Hiring

"Candidates are looking for a better cultural fit within the company and they want to grow, both personally and professionally." - Matt Larsen

Let's talk about current hiring trends. What are they? How has the hiring process changed?

Well for starters, job seekers have shifted from only being concerned about salary and benefits. Job seekers want to work for a company that aligns with their personal values. Candidates want a human experience; they want a company that they grow with, not just collect a paycheck.

Here are three tips for companies looking to attract top talent in 2023:

1. Highlight company culture: Share what makes your company unique and what makes it a great place to work. Showcase your team, company events, and any philanthropic or volunteer work your company is involved in.

2. Show career growth opportunities: Emphasize career growth opportunities within the company. Share examples of team members who started in entry-level positions and have worked their way up the ladder.

3. Emphasize flexibility: The COVID-19 pandemic showed many companies that remote work can be a viable option. Emphasize any flexibility in work hours or work location your company provides.

For more information on hiring trends, check out the Spring Forward Podcast episode 9: Unveiling Hiring Trends with guest Matt Larsen.

Listen here:

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