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In Transition

I really help you to set a focus to really understand the things that you've learned and how to use that so that you can get to where you're trying to go. -Spring Richardson Perry

There are many different types of career transitions: leveling up where one is seeking a promotion; or leveling out where one is seeking the same type of role with another company or one is seeking to go into a completely new industry altogether. All of these things can be daunting because it takes us out of our comfort zone.

That's where I come in. As your career transition coach, I help you navigate those career transitions. Whether you're looking to level up or level out, I'm here in your corner to help you Spring Forward Into Excellence! Here are a few tips on how I help to make this process seamless as possible:

  1. Pick a focus: We determine what you liked and didn't like about your current job. We take that information and align it with roles that most closely match your interests and skillset.

  2. Set clear goals: Once we've focused in on one or two specific roles, then we set a job search strategy. We set clear goals with definitive timelines. And I fully hold you accountable.

  3. Craft your new resume: Based on your previous experience, we create a new resume that showcases your skills in alignment with the new role you want to focus on. I also show you how to tailor your resume for each job that you apply to. In addition, I create a cover letter template that you can tweak for each job you apply to.

  4. Interview prep: Using the AQ framework, I help you understand the framework to answering questions. I don't just prepare you for certain questions that may be asked during the interview, I give you the framework to answer any question that is thrown your way in an interview.

It is helpful to have someone guide you along your career search journey, as it is a transformative experience. I'm in your corner to empower you to fully step into purpose for your new career.

For more tips, check out the Spring Forward Podcast episode 10: Career Transitions where I give you step by step how I guide you throughout my career coaching program.

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