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The AQ Framework

Answer Intelligence is the ability to provide elevated answers to important questions. And there's 6 answer types identified in my research concepts, metaphor, theory, story, procedure, and action. - Dr. Brian Glibkowski

The AQ framework helps people provide elevated answers to important questions. The AQ framework is a valuable tool that can help job seekers stand out in interviews. It allows them to articulate their thoughts more effectively and showcase their knowledge and expertise in a more structured way.

Here are three tips to effectively use the AQ Framework in your next interview:

1. Identify the type of question that has been asked - By identifying the type of question being asked, you can tailor your response to structure the correct type of answer.

2. Use metaphors and stories to give insights - By utilizing metaphors and stories, you can help bring to life concepts and ideas that are otherwise difficult to explain.

3. Apply the procedure and action types of answers - By providing a clear, concise, and actionable answer, you will make an immediate impact that gives employers a glimpse of how you work.

In conclusion, the Answer Intelligence framework is a valuable tool that can help you elevate your conversation and interactions in interviews, with your teams, with

clients, and other stakeholders. Make sure you listen to this episode of the Spring Forward Podcast with Dr. Brian Glibkowski to learn more about Answer Intelligence and how it can create a positive impact in every aspect of your life.

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