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BABY when I tell you Spring is the GOAT!!! Not only did she have my documents ready, but I also couldn't believe it was me I was reading about in the documents. Needless to say, I applied for the position, but I didn't hear back from anyone. Two or three weeks later I applied for four more leadership positions and got three call backs, went through several interviews, and was given an official offer. I am now the new Clinical Supervisor for an Ochsner clinic!!!! Again, I couldn't have done it without the help of Spring and her professional services. Thanks again chick!!!! 

Ronda H.

Good morning Spring,


I hope you are well and congrats on the new bundle of joy again!


I am reaching out on behalf of one of my good friends, (name removed for privacy). She is on the job market and hasn't had much luck landing a role in her desired field and that pays her desired salary. 


I wanted to connect you two, because she is interested in revamping her resume and cover letter to better appeal and you are the truth!


Her email is (email removed for privacy), if you have any capacity to take this on. I am not including her on this message because I wanted to reach our first, but can do an introduction if that works for you.


Also side note: Between you and I, I did get that state job. I am grateful for your guidance and knowledge. At this time, I have not shared any updates with my company.

From the very start of my employment with Regeneration Schools, Spring has been a supportive, insightful, resourceful leader and businesswoman. As our HR consultant, Spring's optimism and ability to motivate the HR team despite our many obstacles and the ability to celebrate our successes, showcased the importance of relationship building through outstanding leadership. Additionally, Spring demonstrated a high level of conflict management skills that way exceeded our expectations. During our open enrollment season, she guided the way in the initial setup for our 2023 Benefits which ultimately led to the successful launch of our 2023 Open Enrollment season.  Throughout her time with Regeneration Schools, she continued to showcase her tenacity to be proactive instead of reactive in the areas of payroll, benefits, and other human resource areas. Spring provided a wealth of knowledge and expertise in all areas of HR which served as a testament of her insightful and resourceful leadership. Lastly, as an entrepreneur, she worked diligently with all members of our HR team including our C suite executives, to ensure that Regeneration Schools received the extraordinary white glove customer service. Spring will forever be a valuable asset to our organization

Keesha S.,

Human Resource Manager

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